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August 12th. 2015: I will never forget this date, the day I started dialysis.

Three years and two transplant lists later, and I am still doing peritoneal dialysis. I am fortunate to have never experienced the really bad symptoms of kidney disease. My nephrologist in LA started me on dialysis early enough, so that I didn’t have to suffer through a crash start, and I didn’t have to have a catheter inserted into my heart.

When I first found out that I would have to start dialysis, I did a ton of research, but there weren’t any really good blogs that chronicled what life on dialysis is really like, so I decided to start my own to help people like myself three years ago trying to decide which modality to choose.

Today, I just turned 40, and my health is more important than ever in my life. I will tell you how I live on a vegan diet despite being on dialysis, and how I keep my albumin (protein) levels above a 4.0.

So come along with me on my journey, and share some of your own experiences as well.

One quick note, I am not a doctor, nor do I have any special training that informs my thinking. I just know what works for me. If you have questions about your own health, please call your dialysis nurse immediately.


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